November 18, 2020

The transformational value of cloud technology for businesses

Cloud technology is not just a means to enhancing operations, but a symbol of changing approaches to business as a whole in the digital era. This is according to Managing Director for Technology at Accenture South Africa Kirtan Sirta, who spoke to Bizcommunity.

Sirta lists the wide and versatile benefits of cloud technology, ranging from better speed and efficiency fewer storage costs to the consequent benefits of greater productivity and higher cost-efficiency. Reliability and disaster recovery are also some key benefits that bring value for businesses.

Cloud has become all the rage around the world, and has gained a fair share of traction in South Africa, but there is still a considerable way to go. The major barrier to cloud adoption has been the high costs involved in migration, although an increasing number of smaller businesses are also seeing the value in the investment.

The transformational value of cloud technology for businesses

Other barriers include cloud’s reliance on the internet, as well as susceptibility to cyber attacks. According to Sirta, slow permeation of cloud technology could also be put down to a gradual learning curve that businesses go through to fully understand the benefits that cloud can bring their organization in particular.

At a macro level, however, Accenture’s Sirta advocates a shift to cloud technology primarily to remain relevant in the digital age. He predicts that the nature of doing business is going to change entirely, and cloud computing is the foundation for this change.

“Cloud computing is not merely a set of technologies. It is a new business model that affects almost every aspect of an organization. It is an approach to aligning technology with business strategy and needs – in ways that offer unprecedented business flexibility and agility,” he said.

In the broader context of digitization, he added “cloud technology and the digital world are crucial parts of the way we do business in the new era. We are witnessing the next evolution of enterprises in which smarter businesses will have to transform the way in which they provide and differentiate value to take advantage of new or shifting business opportunities.Technology has brought the business world to the point where almost everything is being digitized. Not only does this mean that new software and systems are constantly being introduced – it requires a paradigm shift in approach to all aspects of business.”